How to Take Care of Your Dog When in Camping Trips

Some dog owners care only about their welfare and that of their pets. These are the same people who allow their dog to leave poop on the sidewalk or watch as their pup barks at children and startles old women. Even though you may have higher principles when it comes to your dog, how can you be certain that you are not missing out on any of the rules of pet etiquette? When you are fond of bringing along your dog to out-of-town trips, road trips and camping trips, you want your dog to be welcomed everywhere it goes. So, you need to refresh your knowledge and skills to be experienced in what is and what is not acceptable in the pet kingdom.

Basic Guidelines for Pet Owners to Follow

Pick up after your pet

Whenever you leave home together with your pet, make sure that you have a number of plastic bags. It would be a practical idea to tie one to the handle of your leash so it can come in handy if needed. The plastic bag can be turned upside down over your hand to be used as a mitt when picking up poop then turned inside out, tied and thrown into the next garbage you see. If every dog owner would just do this one simple step, people will not feel apprehensive every time they see dogs in public parks or walking around town.

Train your dog to sit so they will learn to stay seated when introducing someone new

Nobody wants to be jumped on, even by a small dog. When your dog is seated nicely, people who pass by would want to stop and greet. Now, when your pet is too excited to sit, let it practice in a more boring place like your home, then give a reward in the form of some tasty treats. Then gradually, practice your dog in places that are crowded until your pet acts like a pro. If you want your dog to be well-behaved, the responsibility starts with you. When you are eager to practice with your dog, and continue until your pet does what you command, your dog will develop into an ideal model of canine behavior.

Let your dog socialize

Whenever you walk your dog to different places, there is a great possibility that you will encounter other dogs along the way. Letting your dog socialize by introducing it to a wide range of dogs with different temperaments makes sure that your pup develops the social skills needed to handle all sorts of situations. The more interactions your dog has with others of the same species, the more equipped it will be to deal with these encounters. A great place where dogs can mingle and get to know each other is an off-leash dog park.

Never lock your dog inside a parked car

Though this concerns the safety of your dog rather than etiquette, it is also worth mentioning. In most cities, people report such cases to the police authorities. This is because it is very dangerous for a dog to be locked in a car, especially on a warm day. Even if it is not that warm, it is best to take along your dog every time you leave the car. Now, if you like to take your unruly dog to a store, read on for some tips.