Common Health Problems For Dogs

Pets have health problems. It just happens. Some of them are accidents, as pets can be curious and run around a bit. But some are hereditary or common. This is especially true for those that own dogs. Dog owners should be aware of the common health problems that affect all dogs, not just their breed. As such, the following are just some of the issues that you may need to be wary of. When you see any signs of these issues, you'll want to make sure to visit a vet and get a proper diagnosis.


One of the most common issues that you will find amidst small and large dogs alike is that of dysplasia. This is an issue that can affect the joints on the leg and elbow of various dogs. This may require surgical repair, and can be quite stressful for pet owners. Pet health insurance can cover this, otherwise a veterinary hospital may need to be paid out of pocket to get help. Left alone, a dog may lose the use of their leg, which is not a good thing. You can notice there's an issue if a dog starts to limp and favor their leg.

Kennel Cough

Another issue that you should know about is a common option that scares many pet owners, and it's kennel cough. This is an issue that affects many dogs, especially those that are inside kennels and other pets that have sickness. It's a very contagious issue and can arise after symptoms of coughing, and sounds of choking. It's a bacterial infection that can be treated by a vet. There are vaccines that can be administered, as well as treatment that can help. The symptoms only last a few days, and when treated properly, will only last around a week, before they are all better. There's no need to panic, simply visit a vet to get a helping hand. Many dog health articles talk about this, as it is very common.


Perhaps the biggest problem that many dogs face is in regards to worms. There are several types of worms that can cause issues for your pet. There are no less than 5 that you should look out for. The symptoms manifest in the coat, weight loss, and bloody stool. When these things occur, it's important to look into going to a vet and getting medication. There are several treatments that can help with getting rid of worms, as well as preventing their spread over time.

At the end of the day, the aforementioned are just some of the issues that you may face when owning a dog today. These are common illnesses, but by no means are they the only options that you may face. It's a good idea to look at the type of canine you have, and looking into common health issues that are attributed to their breed. Chances are you will be able to prevent and treat many issues when you know exactly what to look for. When in doubt, visit a vet and get more information for prevention and treatment of many illnesses.